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Shirley Dodson

Hello my dear reader! My name is Shirley Dodson. I'm a cheesy sommelier. My experience as a professional taster will help you learn a lot of interesting things about cheese. I invite you to my cheese blog.

Requeson Cheese

Made from Sheep, goat, or cow milk and unpasteurized cow’s milk Country of origin Portugal and Brazil Family Feta Type Soft queso Texture Creamy and moist Vegetarian No (due to the usage of animal rennet) Producers Peluso Cheese, Asturias etc.…

Menonita Cheese

Made from Pasteurized and unpasteurized cow’s milk Country of origin Mexico Family Cheddar Type Semi-soft Texture Smooth, semi-firm, without crust Vegetarian No Producers Los Altos Food Products LLC, Campo Holandes Synonyms Chihuahua cheese, queso Chihuahua Menonita, queso Chihuahua What is…

Buffalo Cheese

Made from Pasteurized milk from water buffaloes Country of origin Italy Family Mozzarella Type Hard, artisan Texture Elastic and creamy Vegetarian Yes Producers Macroom Buffalo, Ramini Mozzarella Synonyms Buffalo mozzarella , mozzarella di bufala What Is Buffalo Cheese? The word…

Baby Swiss Cheese

Made from Pasteurized cow milk Country of origin North America Family Swiss Cheese Type Semi-soft, processed Texture Soft, smooth, and tender Vegetarian No Producers Ohio The cheese culture is huge. It accounts for a wide range of dairy product types.… Protection Status