Cheese Subscription Box

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Many people today choose to buy cheese as a meal for holidays or everyday use. For this reason, there are services that can deliver right to your door. There are a lot of tastes you may want to try eating. You may also want to eat international cheeses. There are special meals from different countries that let you understand their culture. Here, you will see the cheese clubs reviews for six delivery services. Most services deliver ready boxes together with wine, beer, and other products. Look through the reviews and understand what best cheese subscription box for 2023 to choose.

Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Why We Choose It provides a hand-crafted artisanal cheese subscription box. You can get a lot of different kinds.


Selection Hand-crafted artisanal cheeses
Processing Aged products
Variety A lot of different kinds of international recipes
Information Profiles of cookers and details
Special features You can order a personal gift

Review of Gourmet Cheese

The cheese club collects recipes from all over the world. In the service, you will find cheese box delivery for different international recipes. The meal delivery regularly makes changes in the cheesemaking. This gives diverse tastes. Everyone can find the taste they like most here. The company is determined to constantly improve its service. So, they change not only the ingredients in their meals but also the kind of processing.

Here, you can get a monthly cheese subscription for the ones you like. Each month, you also get three new recipes. Each of them is made of quality ingredients useful for your health. The three kits include unusual and interesting recipes that cannot be easily found. You can enjoy the original taste of the countries where they are usually made. At the same time, you get a reasonable price for amazing meals.

Before the monthly cheese club sends you the meals, they are checked. That is why all the ingredients are fresh and healthy. The delivery service offers to ship using FedEx. Then you can get shipment for your meals each month at the same time. You can change the schedule of your cheese club subscription. To do this, you should contact the customer support managers. In meal delivery, you can order meals from all US states. The exceptions include Alaska and Hawaii.

Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club monthly price on subscription is 41.95 dollars. You can also order products for two or more months if you want. There is also a wine club, a beer club, a flower club, and others.

The Cheese Society

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Why We Choose It offers delicious hand-cut cheeses with great packaging. You can order meals for three months, six months, and twelve months.


Packaging Hand-cut packaging
Gifts There are gift messages for the customers
Shipping All over the UK
Selection A wide range of cheeses

Review of The Cheese Society

The Cheese Society monthly cheese club offers a cheese monthly subscription. You can choose a subscription for three, six, or twelve months. You can choose the period you need. The monthly cheese box includes a wide range of recipes. The company also offers a gift box you can present to your family or friends. You may also add meat for your holiday lunch. In the cheese month club, you can set your delivery schedule yourself. The cheese of the month club is delivered from Tuesday to Friday.

The cheese subscription box in the company packs each delivery by hand. In the packaging, you will also get advice on how to eat the meals. You can get your packaging in any part of the UK the next day after ordering. The service also offers great customer support. If you have any issues with your order, you can contact the managers. They will help you solve the problem. They can also change your delivery schedule. 

The service is one of the best cheese clubs that offer handmade products. Here, you will find products for all the family and your friends. You can also choose your favorite meals and order regular deliveries. Each kit weighs 200g and contains fresh ingredients. There are recipes from different countries in the service. You can also order the delivery to your friend’s house as a gift. To do this, you should add the gift to your monthly schedule in one of the deliveries.

The Cheese Geek

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Why We Choose It

This is the cheese club of the month that offers fantastic artisan cheeses. They are considered the main meal and delivered to your home.


Selection New recipes each month depending on your likes
Quality All the ingredients are fresh and healthy; the quality is high in any country
Packaging The meals are packed on the very delivery day and stored with climate control
Healthy ingredients Low-carbon meals

Review of The Cheese Geek

The meal delivery service has a wide range of options available. That is why you can find your favorite types here. To have the meals delivered, you should first order a monthly subscription here. It is one of the cheese clubs that consider your preferences. Here, you can choose what products you want to get each month. You may choose new options or get the previous ones.

In the service, you can be sure that all the ingredients are fresh and organic. The service is determined to provide low-carbon foods for the customers. There are the ones from small farms or internationally known ones. No matter what recipe you get, it will be of high quality. All the products are packed the very day before the delivery. The company uses climate-protected packaging that keeps orders fresh for a long time.

The orders from the month club can be delivered to almost all the UK areas. The delivery starts on Tuesday and ends on Saturday. You should not necessarily be at home when the courier arrives. You can state a place where they can leave the packaging. You may also ask your neighbors to store the order until you arrive. The average price per order is 30 pounds. In general, the delivery takes from one to two days.

Cheese Grotto

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Why We Choose It is the best cheese club monthly that offers the freshest ingredients. The company has a wide range of delicious meals for all the family.


Storage There is no need to wrap your kit to store it safely. You do not need plastic packaging.
Environmental friendliness The ingredients are of high quality, and the packaging is green
Convenient shape The product will easily fit in your house. It does not take much space
The country of delivery Made in the USA under the quality regulations
New offers There are special offers for constant customers


There are a lot of benefits that the service offers to its customers. The cheese of month club can be stored without a special wrapping. You may store it without packaging for a long time. This means that there is no need for plastic wrapping. So, the best cheese of the month club is an environmentally friendly product. This feature also saves your time because you do not need to recycle the packaging materials. All the materials in the delivery are green and safe for your health. The packing is also compact and does not take much space in your fridge.

All the products are made in the USA from the best products. They go through a quality verification before the company sends the products to you. For constant customers, the service provides exclusive offers. Each month, you will get new exclusive offers from the best producers for free. There are separate products and meal kits in the service. The price ranges from about 10 to 60 dollars. The price of packages with alcohol ranges from 85 to 350 dollars. The shipping uses the FedEx service and mainly takes from one to two days.

Pong Cheese

Why We Choose It is a meal delivery that offers meals for all your family. You can also get gift boxes for your friends and take part in competitions.


Packaging protection The company uses ice-gel packages with paper straw protection for a good temperature
Selection There are three main boxes
Shipping From 2 to 5 days
Schedule A customized schedule you can choose yourself

Review of Pong Cheese

The delivery here is free for orders that cost more than 50 pounds. For small orders, you will need to pay a fee of 4,95 pounds. Here, you can choose the schedule and the best dates for the delivery. You may also specially choose the ingredients you want to see in your order. If you buy more than three boxes, you get one box for free.

There are three most popular boxes in the meal service. They include:

  1. The Ultimate Box. This is a delicious recipe with a strong taste and smell. It costs 36 pounds per 900 g.
  2. Wallace and Gromit Box. This box is made of cracking cheese with a verified great taste. The price is 34 pounds per 810g.
  3. Classic Tasting Box. It is a small meal kit that you can buy to meet the recipes in Pong Cheese. It contains the most popular tastes here and costs 20 pounds per 580g.

The packaging consists of while carton boxes with ice gel and is covered with a paper straw. That is why the meals are stored at the appropriate temperature during shipping. In most cases, the shipping takes 2 working days. Yet, there can be some delays, and the delivery may come after a maximum of 5 days. There is no need to be at home at the very time of the delivery. The person who carries your order can leave it in the place you want.

The Cheese Collective

Why We Choose It

The cheese delivery service offers the best artisan cheeses in the UK. You can get your order the next day after you pay for it.


Fast delivery You get the order the next day
Selection Two boxes
Event meals You can order thematic kits for different events
Packaging The packaging uses reusable and recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly

Review of The Cheese Collective regularly looks through the best cheeses in the UK. Then, they select the most interesting recipes. The company creates meals from fresh organic ingredients. Experienced cooks prepare the product fast, so you can get your order directly the next day. This is a great option for those who need to get their ordering fast. 

Each month, the service adds new artisan cheeses to the collection. That is why you will get your favorite meals together with new special recipes. The company is determined to deliver unusual recipes you cannot easily get. The orders with a subscription that costs more than 30 pounds per month get free delivery.

The Cheese Collective has two boxes for their customers. They include the introduction box and the indulgence box. The introduction box is good for people who order the subscription first. It contains a small number of cheeses and shows you the main recipes in the meal delivery. After you understand that you like the service, you can change to the indulgence box. It offers unusual boxes with special exclusive offers.

Another option is to order event boxes that will be helpful in different cases. For example, you can order a kit for a party, wedding, new year celebration, or make a gift for your friend. There is an option to choose the ingredients you want for each case.

A great benefit of The Cheese Collective is its packaging. It includes sustainable, environmentally friendly packages that can be easily recycled. All the materials for the boxes are reusable and recyclable. So, you can be sure that there is no damage to nature. Protection Status