Menonita Cheese

Made from Pasteurized and unpasteurized cow’s milk
Country of origin Mexico
Family Cheddar
Type Semi-soft
Texture Smooth, semi-firm, without crust
Vegetarian No
Producers Los Altos Food Products LLC,
Campo Holandes
Synonyms Chihuahua cheese, queso Chihuahua Menonita, queso Chihuahua

What is Menonita Cheese?

One of the common Mexican products, Menonita, is a semi-soft dairy product with a smooth texture or, sometimes, with small holes. Like most Mexican products, it has a pale yellow or white color similar to white Cheddar.

What is Menonita made of? How does it taste? Here you can find detailed information about this product.

Menonita Cheese


The name of this product has a direct connection with its first producer — the Mennonites. The Mexican Mennonite community has been living in the Chihuahua region since the 1920s after going through several moves. Mennonites are of Dutch descent and moved from Europe to Canada in the 18th century, but had to move again in the 20th century due to language restrictions. Finally, in Mexico, they became free and started work on the land. As a result of their farming activities, Mennonite cheese is one of the Chihuahua region’s well-known products.

What Does Chihuahua Queso Taste Like?

Like most Mexican dietary products, queso Chihuahua cheese is not strong in taste. It is mild, slightly salty, and sour but can get sharp as it ages, which is frequently compared to white Cheddar in flavor.

This Mexican queso is made from pasteurized or raw milk by heating for half an hour, then adding bacteria, annatto, and rennet, and heating again for 40 minutes. After this, salted curd is pressed and formed into blocks or wheels. Depending on what milk is used, pasteurized or not, the flavor of the final product can be different. Traditionally, raw milk was used, but due to government regulation, pasteurized cow’s milk became a new starting material.

How to Choose and Use Queso Menonita

The product can taste different depending on how to use it. The key to better disclosure of taste is to find out its proper use. What is Menonita Mexico cheese best for? You’ll find the information down below. But first, here are some recommendations on choosing the best queso Chihuahua.

Tips on Choosing the Best Menonita

As nowadays, Menonita is produced not only in the specific region but even in other countries, it might be hard to find the true product. What should you look at to choose the best Mexican Chihuahua cheese?

  • The first recommendation is to look at the name on the packaging. The product with the name Queso Menonita is just what we look for. Don’t buy those which are called just queso Chihuahua or any other names. Also, pay attention to the county and region where the product was produced. The best choice is the specific region in Mexico.
  • The second tip is to look at the texture. The right queso Mennonite has a supple texture and pale yellow color. Sometimes, you can see this product with small holes, it’s also the right texture.

Chihuahua cheese

Best Dishes With Menonita Queso

The slightly supple texture and mild flavor make Chihuahua cheese perfect for melting and using in sauces. It is suitable for pizza or burgers as after melting, the product holds together. This type of queso is great for melting sandwiches, quesadillas, fondue, empanadas, and enchiladas. We also recommend trying creamy product sauce made with queso Chihuahua Mexican cheese as a dip for veggies and deep-fried food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Cheese Is Queso Menonita?

Chihuahua Menonita cheese is a semi-soft product with a smooth and slightly springy texture. This cheese is frequently compared to Cheddar, but queso Menonita is much milder in flavor and has a pale yellow color.

What’s Chihuahua Cheese?

Mexican Chihuahua cheese, or queso Chihuahua Menonita, is a semi-soft cheese with a mild salty and buttery taste. This cheese’s place of origin is the Chihuahua region in Northern Mexico.

What Is Queso Menonita?

The queso Menonita is a Mexican cheese made from pasteurized or raw cow’s milk. The first producer of Chihuahua Menonita is the Mennonite community – people of Dutch descent in Northern Mexico. The cheese has a pale yellow color, semi-firm texture, and mild, slightly salty flavor.

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