Requeson Cheese

Made from Sheep, goat, or cow milk and unpasteurized cow’s milk
Country of origin Portugal and Brazil
Family Feta
Type Soft queso
Texture Creamy and moist
Vegetarian No (due to the usage of animal rennet)
Producers Peluso Cheese, Asturias etc.
Synonyms Ricotta, serac, ziger etc.

What is Requeson Cheese?

The history of queso making is very ancient. Then came ricotta cheese in Mexico. People have always tried to use leftover products because it saves resources. By chance or through experiments, whey was turned into queso, which is now loved and used all over the world.

Ricotta has its origins in South Italy. This queso is a traditional recipe of Italian cuisine and is produced from the whey after making queso, such as mozzarella or Adyghe queso. Ricotta is used when cooking salty meals and for desserts. This is because of the presence of lactose in the queso, that makes it a little bit sweet. The main idea is to use the whey after cooking other cheeses, thus the base of ricotta is lactalbumin, not casein.

This and similar types of cheese are not for vegetarians and vegans. During the cooking, cheesemakers use animal rennet. Nevertheless, it can be replaced with artificial or herbal ingredients.

Requeson Cheese

History of Queso Requeson

The name of this queso can explain its nature. The noun ‘ricotta’ can be split into two meaningful parts. ‘Ri’ is a prefix of the repeated action, and ‘cotta’ means that this product was boiled. The same meaning has the word ‘requeson’.

Requeson is Mexican queso. It has a more moist and smooth texture when ricotta is dryer. As ricotta, Requeson spoils quickly. That is why there are many kinds of this queso. They can be fresh, baked, smoked, flavoured (for instance, sweet with chocolate), or aged, salty, and hard.

How Can You Make the Requeson Cheese at Home?

Requeson is easy to cook, you need milk, white vinegar, and salt for doing that. First of all, you need to mix the milk with vinegar and cook in a saucepan with a thick bottom for 40 minutes. During this time, clots should form. It is necessary to stir the mixture, but not intensively, so that the cottage cheese has time to gather in lumps. Next, you need to turn off the heat and let the mixture stand so that it thickens. After that, it is necessary to transfer the clots to gauze so that the cheese cools to room temperature and freezes. Salt is also added to the queso and mixed until smooth.

Where Can You Use the Requeson Cheese?

We have already said that ricotta is used not only for salty meals but also for desserts. The same rules are for Requeson.

The easiest way to serve the Requeson queso is just to serve it fresh as an appetizer. You can add some grains and spices, then put this mixture on bread or nachos and decorate with herbs or olives.

Ricotta can be used fresh as a breakfast with fruit, honey, and nuts. Sweet teeth will love such a breakfast. It will also provide you with a supply of proteins.

Requeson queso can be made into cheese balls. It is enough to mix the cheese with spices, flour, tomatoes and sprinkle it with breadcrumbs. Fry in any kind of oil.

What Requeson Cheese Is Used For?

This cheese is perfect for dishes where the queso needs to melt. For example, you can use it for lasagna or when roasting vegetables.

The most difficult option for preparing dishes from this cheese is the preparation of desserts such as cheesecake. To do this, the queso is whipped with yolks, then sugar and gelatin are added.

ricotta cheese in mexico

Can You Substitute Ricotta Cheese if You Are a Vegetarian?

For vegetarians and vegans, there is an alternative to ricotta queso. This is tofu, which also exists in different forms, and it is a cheese made from cashew. Many desserts are usually made with a mixture of cashew nuts. Cashew has a sweet taste, so it is as close as possible to the taste of milk, while the nut is rich in fats and therefore very high in calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Cheese Is Requeson?

Requeson is the locally modified ricotta. From Italy ricotta was exported to Spain and then to Latin America.

Is Requeson the Same as Ricotta?

Requeson cheese is known in many countries as ricotta queso. Although, they have differences which are explained in this article in all the details.

What Is Requeson Made Out Of?

This kind of queso is made of sheep, goat, or cow milk and unpasteurized cow’s milk.

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