What’s Ackawi Cheese? Let’s Break Down

Made from Pasteurized cow milk
Country of origin Middle East, Israel
Family Middle East Cheese
Type Soft and chewy
Texture Soft and tender
Vegetarian No
Producers Israel

Are you a cheese lover? If you love this food culture, you must learn more about the unique daily product. Ackawi cheese is an interesting Middle Eastern dairy product made from pasteurized cow milk. It has a soft structure with a plain taste.

What’s the cheese like? Ackawi is a tender dairy product. It has a mild taste and is a bit salty. Ackawi won’t be spoiled due to the specific storage method developed by the experts years ago. You won’t taste extra saltiness because the brine is milder than a regular Feta, for example. You may even taste creaminess with the young sorts.

Ackawi Cheese

How to Eat It?

If you want to introduce dairy to your daily diet, you should learn how you could eat it. If you enjoy dairy products in the first part of the day, you may try Ackawi as your breakfast meal. Serve Ackawi with the fruits or wrap it in a fulfilling sandwich.

You don’t have to differentiate the meals appropriate for the Ackawi cheese. This is an all-purpose product. You may put it on the table with other dishes to accompany your dinner. It has an interesting taste in its raw form. However, you may cook it. It melts perfectly. What’s an Ackawi cheese substitute? You can try mozzarella to achieve a similar result when cooking.


Want to learn more about the food culture and the place of Ackawi in it? We suggest you answer the following questions together.

What Is Akawi Cheese in English?

It is named after the old city of Akka. Ackawi means the origin. There’s no hidden secret behind the name of the dairy product.

How Do You Eat Akawi Cheese?

You can eat it in different ways. Make sure to serve it separately or melt it as a part of another dish. You may put it on the table as an appetizer.

Can I Freeze Akawi Cheese?

If you need to freeze it, you may try to put it in the freezer. However, it may lose its unique taste and texture. If you may, you should eat the fresh piece at once without keeping it in the freezer.

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