Buffalo Cheese

Made from Pasteurized milk from water buffaloes
Country of origin Italy
Family Mozzarella
Type Hard, artisan
Texture Elastic and creamy
Vegetarian Yes
Producers Macroom Buffalo, Ramini Mozzarella
Synonyms Buffalo mozzarella , mozzarella di bufala

What Is Buffalo Cheese?

The word “Mozzarella” conjures up visions of fresh cheese-based Italian cuisine. In fact, the words “mozzarella” and “Italy” have become interchangeable. Mozzarela is made up entirely of fresh cheese. It’s traditionally produced with goat or cow’s milk. Another cheese, “Buffalo Mozzarella“, has become highly popular in recent years. Many people are still unsure about the difference between mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella cheese, and some even assume the two types of cheese are equal. There are some distinctions between the two forms of mozzarella. Stay with us, and we will tell you more about water buffalo mozzarella cheese in this article.

Why Do They Call It Buffalo Cheese?

Everything makes sense, and the answer to this question is inferred from the cheese’s name. Mozzarella di Bufala is a type of mozzarella made using water buffalo milk rather than cow’s milk. Believe us when we say that unless you try buffalo milk cheese, you will have no idea what real mozzarella is. All Italians love this combination of juicy, creamy, and somewhat sour.

Food made with Italian buffalo milk is marketed as a high-end product, although dietary production is everything but high-end. Buffalo dietary products are frequently used to manufacture creamy cheeses, such as mozzarella, bocconcini, ricotta, feta, and halloumi, thanks to its high butter content. Buffalo milk in USA is processed into yogurt, which is news for American grocery shelves.

Buffalo Cheese

How Is Buffalo Cheese Made?

The mozzarella buffalo milk is transferred to the queso factory no later than during the day when it was milked, which gives the best fresh mozzarella an unusual tenderness and freshness. Further, the technology of cooking cheese includes many stages. Stages that Mozzarella di Bufala goes through:

  • Milk storage (raw milk is stored in large steel containers)
  • Milk heating (heat treatment, then the dietary product is poured into a separator to separate the cream)
  • Curdling of milk
  • Curd maturation (curd mass is placed in special baths. This is necessary in order to reduce the oxidation process and regulate the pH level to about 4.95)
  • Thermal Plasticization (the curd mass needs to be softened, for this, it is placed in a hot liquid to obtain filata paste)
  • Shaping (this procedure is performed by special rotating machines)
  • Cooling (immersion in a cold liquid)
  • Immersion in brine (I soak Mozzarella balls in special whey baths)
  • Packing (each ball is packed in a separate special bag with brine or in small plastic containers)

Bufaloes’ digestive systems are developed in such a way that they can turn limited plant diets into dietary products with higher protein, fat, and mineral content than cows’.

It’s vital to remember that mozzarella isn’t recommended for persons who are lactose intolerant. Because it has the potential to harm their health. In addition, persons with renal impairment should consume this queso with caution.

Where Is Buffalo Cheese Made?

This kind of product is made in numerous nations throughout the world, including Switzerland, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Egypt, India, and South Africa, in addition to Italy. Dietary products from native animals are used in each of these countries. Despite the fact that water buffalo may be found all over the world, the fresh cheese created from buffalo dietary products in Italy is considered the best in the world.

Queso is created all across Italy, including in Rome, Lazio Paestum (near Salerno), Campania, and the districts of Foggia and Apulia. Mozzarela di Bufala is said to have originated in the Italian city of Aversa, Caserta. In Italy, the Serra and Citarella families are the most well-known manufacturers of this queso. They are credited with starting the buffalo milk cheesemaking heritage.

The production of Mozzarella di Bufala is a significant industry in the country. “Around 33,000 tons of branded buffalo queso are manufactured in Italy each year, with 16 percent of that going to European Union countries.

What Does Water Buffalo Cheese Taste Like?

The Mozzarella di Bufala has a stronger (but not overpowering) tangier, almost (but not quite) sour taste. In comparison, cow milk Mozzarella was sweeter and softer.

Many people enjoy Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil. However, we should point out that buffalo milk mozzarella is far superior to cow milk mozzarella. The flavor of the tomato and basil seemed to be enhanced by the buffalo milk mozzarella. Cow milk Mozzarella is still delicious with tomatoes and basil, but when compared to water buffalo cheese Mozzarella, the cow milk seemed to conflict with the tomatoes and basil.

buffalo mozzarella cheese

How To Properly Choose Buffalo Cheese?

In most cases, mozzarella is sold in jars or specific brine packages where there is cheese in water. This is owing to the fact that tender cheese degrades and ferments quickly in the air. As a result, the first thing you should look for before making a purchase is the packaging’s integrity. If it is damaged, it is best to return it rather than risk getting food poisoning. The appearance of cheese lumps should then be assessed. They should be milky white in color and have a glossy finish. The word that separates the pieces from the queso mass gave rise to the name mozzarella cheese.

The saltiness or freshness of mozzarella varies depending on the size of the balls. In addition, the acidity and hardness of this cheese vary. Hard mozzarella is mature dried queso with a solid structure that is commonly used in hot meals. Soft mozzarella is most commonly served as a snack, such as in a Caprese salad or in salads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cheese Is Made From Buffalo Milk?

Of course, this product, which we discuss in this post, isn’t the only sort of buffalo milk queso offered. A more comprehensive list of such cheeses can be found here: Bagot ni horbo, Bocconcini, Burrata, Caciotta, Casatica, Dangke, Domiati, Kesong puti, Khoa, Nguri, Stracciatella di bufala, Surti paneer.

Is Buffalo Mozzarella Different From Mozzarella?

Yes, of course! Mozzarella di Bufala, after all, is manufactured from buffalo milk, whereas ordinary mozzarella is made from cow’s milk. In comparison to sweeter and softer cow mozzarella, Mozzarella di Bufala has a sharper, more acidic flavor. The fact that Mozzarella di Bufala is more expensive than normal is also significant.

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