Top 8 Best Cheese Types From Canada 

What’s special about cheese? You may use it as the main meal and enjoy the delicate taste of every piece. It could be a nice appetizer that goes perfectly with a glass of wine. Imagine a calm and harmonious dinner at the seaside or in an iconic restaurant with a plate of the best dairy cultures. What dairy goes the best with noodles, meat, or alcohol?

If you want to become a guru in the kitchen and understand the taste and history of each piece of dairy better, make sure to read the article. What’s great Canadian cheese? You may learn how different types of dairy differ from each other, what their specificity is and how to combine them together. Let’s get started and find the tastiest Canadian dairy on the plate.

How to Choose the Best Piece of Cheese?

How do you find the best Canadian dairy on the market? Finding a tasty piece of cheese with a sweet flavor might be a real problem. If you make the right choice, the appetizer may accompany your dish. You may try the dairy masterpiece made of cow or goat milk. It may come from France, Canada, or any other part of the world. Today, you’re going to learn about the most popular cheese in Canada.

Canadian Cheese


What to start with? Let’s start with the popular Canadian cheese made from cow’s milk. Is it tasty? Does it go well with other things on the plate? Let’s talk about the origin first. The name originates from a small region in Italy. If you know the flavor of the Italian Mantasio, you must be slightly familiar with the Friulano.

Like most Canadian cheeses, Friulano has a smooth texture and a slightly yellow color. It resembles a sweet and milky dessert with a mild and nutty taste. Where do you use Friulano? It goes perfectly with sandwiches. If you like sausages, you may add this type of dairy here.

Brise du Matin

Would you like to get acquainted with the Quebec part of Canada? Let’s talk about the Brie-styled cheese that will amaze you with its sweet and tender flavor. The cream-colored filling covered with the textured ring has an enjoyable sweetness. Are you afraid of the scent?

The aroma is tender and can make you breathe in the nutty cheese flavor. You may also catch the mushroomy scent. The aging makes this dairy more versatile in taste and may bring you even more joy while eating it. What’s more interesting is that you may find a low-calorie version of the Canadian dairy.

Extra Old Cheddar

What do you know about Canadian cheddar? It has a firm texture. When you open it, you will find it slightly crumbling. Why do people like this type of cheese? It’s sharp and has an earthy flavor. The more it ages, the richer in flavor it becomes. Do you want to melt it? If you deal with the aged cheese, you will have to put more effort into melting the piece. If you need a melting dairy product, it’s better to look for alternatives because an extra old Cheddar won’t do it for you.

Louis Cyr

Are you tired of mild-flavored cheeses? Then, this is the perfect choice for you. The Louis Cyr cheese has a strong and sharp taste. It’s firm, and you will be able to try the coating, too. Louis Cyr is made from high-quality cow milk that gives the dairy product extra creaminess. The mild aroma in contrast with the fruity taste will make your mind blow. That is a perfect mix of tastes and a complex combination of flavors.


If you don’t like the Canadian cheese types made from goat or sheep milk, this one will make you happier. Mamirolle is a cow-milk-based product. It was first produced in France in 1935. However, the Quebec part of Canada got licensed to produce the same type of cheeses, too.

What about the texture? It has an interesting texture. It’s not creamy, but chewy instead. If you want a soft and simple taste to go along with a glass of wine, the Mamirolle may fit perfectly. The buttery finish and creamy sweetness make Mamirolle the best Canadian cheese.


There are not only Brie-styled types in Canada cheese tradition. This type of cheese is produced in Quebec. The climate of the region will make the cheese content softer and sweeter. Due to the sweetness found in the sheep milk, you will enjoy the clean aroma of the dairy product. Is it the best cheese in Canada? You can say so!

The age of the dairy must be at least 120 days. The milk is carefully thermalized and pressed before putting it on the shelves. You will taste the flavor full of nutty shades with a touch of melon. This is a nice mix of flavors for Canadian turophiles.


Two famous dairy-makers produced this special type of dairy item. It can’t be compared to the best cheddar cheese in Canada because the flavors differ a lot. When you buy Pioneer, you can taste the buttery flavor and sweetness that comes from the combination of cow and sheep milk.

How do you mix it with other food options? Do you need to add it to any dish? It would be a mistake! If you’re willing to enjoy a piece of Pioneer, you have to put it on a plate for its exquisite taste and have a glass of high-quality wine on the side.

Cheese in Canada

Alfred Le Fermier

Let’s finish this list with one of the best cheese brands Canada. This type of appetizer is highly popular in the country. It’s made from cow’s milk and got its name after the farm’s founder in Quebec. His name was Alfred Bolduc. The taste of the product gets deeper with age. If you keep the rind for about 12 or even 18 months, you will enjoy a versatile taste and bright flavor.


A lot could be said about dairy products. Different regions in the world are known to produce tasty dairy products. If you’re a gourmet, you might be interested in the specificity of Canadian dairy production. Would you like to learn more about the product culture in Canada? There are a couple of questions you can hear from the turophiles. You can check the following answers to dive deeper into the history and specificity of the food culture.

What Is Canadian Cheese?

There are different types of cheeses made in Canada. Some of them originate from Italy or France, but they are licensed to be produced on the territory of the country. You can try food items made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. They differ in taste, flavor, and texture. This is a real heaven for the gourmets.

What Is the Most Popular Cheese in Canada?

If you’re familiar with the Canadian dairy-making industry, you know how versatile the choice of products is in Canada. It has lots of options for turophiles from different parts of the world. A couple of dairy products have leading places in the list of the best items. You can find Italian, French, or American cheese in Canada. Make sure to try at least one great Canadian cheese, like Alfred le Fermier, Allegretto, or Mamirolle. You will also like the flavor of the Friulano.

What Is American Cheese in Canada?

If you want to try American cheese Canada, you can most likely find it called differently. Some people name it a sliced or processed dairy product. Others prefer to call it Cheez Whiz.

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